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Originally Posted by jeffnmeg View Post
I guess ive been putting the sexx part of it upfront a bit more because i dont want to make good friends with someone and think its going somewhere and have it turn out they never had sex on their mind. ... I also have a hard time finding new friends because im a mother of 2 so i dont have much time to make new ones
Well, it would seem that if you gain a new friend, and not a sexual partner, that would be a good thing, too, since you don't have many and it's hard for you to make friends. Don't be so focused on the goal of a playmate for the two of you.

It sounds like you have an easy time meeting potential girlfriends, and Jeff is waiting around for you to find them and then expecting them to be with him, too. Ugh. Why can't you each pursue a gf or friend for yourselves separately, and just remain open to the possibility of them maybe being involved with both of you? You can have a gf, and he can have one too. They don't have to be the same person. What's wrong with that?
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