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So just a few days ago I thought the fourple might break up. Long story, lots of talking and loving happened and things moved back to nicer territory.

we ended going over to their place New Years Eve. Their daughter was out for the night. So we ended up sleeping over and split from our primaries but in seperate bedrooms. I kissed my wife first this year and that made her happy, but I also kissed my GF frist and that didnt bother my bf.

Last night all of kids were home (Their and ours who are all older > 18). the 4 of us ended up sleeping in our king bed. That in itself was only so so...its just wasnt quite enough room, but we were all in bed trying to fall asleep, and we ended up having the giggles. So here are 4 adult people laying in bed and everyone has the giggles. Must have been the sex lol.

But in a way we kinda came out, our kids know that we only have the one bed. And when they got up to go to work I am sure they realized something was up because or gf/bf winter clothes and boots would have been obvious to them.

This afternoon my wife and gf are gone post xmas shopping together. So its a really great start of the New Year.

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