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Default Time to clean some thing up.

In past posts I've not spoken well of T. I did not speak from love. I spoke from fear, anger, childishness and spite.

My marriage with T is ending because it's time for it to do so. End. At any moment I could have chosen to see this, and accept it for what it is, the truth. But instead I chose to fight. And that made it hard for us both. I have said and acted both childishly and hurtfully towards her when in reality the only problem

A message to T.

I am so sorry for what I've said and done. I'll make amends as I can. You are a beautiful and joyous child of the universe. You always have been. I will always hold you close in my heart, even as I let go of you tomorrow.

No more anger, no more tears. Just love.

Be well T.

Love, FT
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