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Wink A lonely girl from ga

Hey y'all, I'm 23 from ga. I'm a little nervous but want to get out there. I was raised in that southern style where nothing strange is accepted. I've never had a full poly relationship. And I still haven't come out to my parents that's what I want. I was pressured into getting married to a bad man (which only lasted a month before I kicked him out and got divorced) anyways, I'm in north ga ao the people are very judgmental. I just have this feeling, this urge, If that makes sense. That I 'need' and can be fullfiled in a poly relationship. I'm leaning more towards a polyandry one but I'm not opposed to a m/f/f. Weather it be a bi girl or not. I'd love to have 2 Bfs. Even if there not bi. I just feel like I want that as a family. And I admit I have no idea how to go about it. So
I thought id put myself out here and see what happens. I hope something good happens I have faith that if something or someone(s) comes along that it will work. I'm a geek I admit lol, but I was also raised with the southern hosp. I love cooking and looking after people. I hope to make friends and hopefully more. Thanks y'all, hope to hear from y'all soon
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