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Angry My last day..., has arrived. I move to my own apartment tomorrow morning. I am quiet, sad right now as I pack up the last of my things. So many memories, good ones of love, life and laughter. I'm going to miss this house, it's presence and all it holds that is dear to me.

20 yrs of marriage comes to a close tomorrow. A true ending. When the last of my things are removed from this house, I'll consider my relationship with T fully closed as well.

I'll always be her friend, but thats a new relationship to be formed, and can only be done if the old relationship is truly over.

This is a difficult day for me, The next few days promise to be hectic and full. I have so much to do.

What was, isn't. And what is, soon won't be.

Change. The natural state of everything.

Be well

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