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If it helps, I don't think you are being vindictive.
Oh good. Thought it was just me. And DH too.

Resistance, Resentment, Rejection, Repression.
Pretty accurate way of putting it. Do you remember the name of the book?

Honestly if your wife really wants things to get back to you two being primaries for each other, she may want to look into opening those wounds and admitting things, talking them out and actually cares about the hurt you felt.
Doubt that is going to happen. It's been over a decade. Besides, even if she did admit it, the fact that it took over a decade to happen sorta minimises the sincerity of a confession. What the hell would I even say?

"Thanks for finally doing what you should have done immediately after you began your affair. Maybe we should have discussed non-monogamy before you did anything."

On the plus side, I'd finally know that I wasn't crazy.

I'm also running along with the assumption that she did have an affair. If she didn't and she is speaking the truth, just says that I don't trust her as much as she deserves to be trusted.

But like I said way back on page 1, I've put it behind me. Or maybe I've "repressed" it. I've seen what holding onto pain can do to a man. Not pretty.
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