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Originally Posted by PaperGrace View Post
@Redpepper, I relieved to hear that you think it's not an either/or proposition. Still, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. It is okay to have a "for now until a monogamous person comes along" relationship? I suppose all relationships could fall into the "this could change based on circumstances" category, but having "this is just for now" as an up front condition would be unusual. It would certainly take away some security on the part of the other partner. It's very possibly I'm misunderstanding your intent.
Sure, why not have an "for now" relationship. If people can be poly and love someone for one night in a one night stand, why not poly date until your "soul mate" comes along. I think you can create what ever works for you as long as you are up front about how you feel.

Maybe don't say, "hey honey you aren't my soul mate but you'll do." lol but you could say you want to keep yourself open to other opportunities and see where things go. Poly until monogamy comes along is very common and we have seen many people here who subscribe to dating poly while they wait for Mr. or Mrs. right. Some are married to their job and don't want much on the relationship front too. The basis is honesty and integrity and keeping the communication open.
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