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Have you tried teaching your husband what you like and communicating with him about what the problem is? Sometimes you have to basically point, explain, guide their hands and mouths, and make sure a guy knows what you want and how to do it. You should look at what is going on between you and hubby and work on it, not just try to find a substitute for whatever bothers you. Polyamory won't work if you're just using the idea of multiple partners to avoid or fix a problem at home. It has to start with a strong, healthy, happy foundation, because other individuals have their own needs and wants and shouldn't be used to solve your problems with your husband, nor be an appendage to your marriage. If you can't discuss it with him, perhaps you can enlist the help of a therapist.

And no, if it's just NSA (No Strings Attached) sexual partners you want without any emotional involvement, caring, and lovingness, that is not really polyamory.
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