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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Vanille, I read the whole thing and found it fascinating. I agree, his message are quite bizarre. Many otherwise intelligent geeks are not great with either written word or communication in general. That feels a little beyond that though. I admire you for continuing ~ I wouldn't have.
Ain't that the truth. >.< Put me in front of a computer or musical instrument, I'll do some brilliant things. But make me write or throw me into a social situation, I feel so out of place.

I find it odd that a lot of the females are mentioning that they seem to have to do all the work to find people. I find it to be the opposite for me. In fact, I often come across profiles where their messages are so full, I can't even send one myself. I think the majority of females have an easy time finding people wanting to talk with them. Even if most of them are just terrible. =P
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