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So, here we are, a fresh new year waiting for us to explore what we will find along our way. It was a quiet night and really unspectacular, what made it kind of special in its own way. First of all:

Happy New Year to all of you.

We had cheese fondue and were so bloated with food that we could hardly move any more. It tasted really good, but I love stove-cheese a bit more, because there are these crispy corners ^.^ But never mind, it was really peaceful and the night was great, snuggled up between Sward and Lin.

The greatest part that made us smirk was a related one: Lin and I went to do our first training and workout in years. Results: 1. I was feeling sooo great; finally did some sports again. I recognized that I missed the feeling you got after a workout when you are energized but completely wasted. 2. I was hurting like hell My muscles went sore all over the body, especially the inner parts of the thighs. I couldn't move one bit yesterday. In turn, this resulted in me lying on the sofa and Sward and Lin next to me, each of them took care of one of my legs, trying to massage the pain away. That's the way muscle pain should be treated

On a more general note, I am feeling better. I know that there are still many things I need to take care of, but I decided to just start at some point and work through them. My first 'little success' will be an old term paper that I have to hand in. It hasn't had a fixed deadline, that's why it still lies there unfinished. That means I will visit the library tomorrow and look for literature and resources. Another unfinished thing is waiting for me in the cellar: 8 kilo of red cabbage that need to be boiled down and bottled. Great start into a new year, isn't it?

I hope your start into 2012 was pleasant as well.
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