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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
My grandmother tried to reconvert me several times. She said she wanted to be able to see me in heaven. I asked her if heaven was a place of endless joy. She said it was. I asked her that if I did go to hell, would she still be happy in heaven.
lol! Fantastic !

Originally Posted by Quath View Post
She paused because there is no good answer to that. If she is happy, then it shows she doesn't care about me or hell is no big deal (or she has been modified so much that she is not really who she was). If she isn't happy, then heaven is not so pleasant after all.
Oh, the quandry ! It is a dilemma, but the religious seem to have this compartment where everything is true, and logic doesnt feature in it at all. Once youve shut that part of your brain down, agnostism/atheism is sooo easy! I admit, it is FUN to imagine an after life, but honestly, we dont have a single scrap of evidence for there being one.

Originally Posted by Quath View Post

She talked about God being perfectly good. I asked her why he would send people to hell then. After all, he could put someone into an endless sleep instead of torturing them for eternity.

In the end, she said she had no answers but hoped one day I would meet someone who had them. I commented that it shows there is a problem if she can not work out these issues with her beliefs.

Originally Posted by Quath View Post
Something you can say about giving money to the church is that God has no need for money. He could poof anything into existence. So money is only for the priests.
Luckily she has mostly seen sense on this one. We do send money, but not to any church - we sponsor a child in Africa and one or 2 other small charities etc. She asked me a few months ago about sending a small amount to this church, and I restated my position, that I dont want them EVER to see our money again. She has reluctantly accepted that position.

Originally Posted by Quath View Post
Something else to bring up is how much you can trust the Bible. For example, there is a good book called "Misquoting Jesus" where an evangelical scholar tries to find out the original text of the Bible. In the end, he basically concluded that so much has been changed, it is hard to know what to trust anymore.
Lol - "evangelical scholar" seems like a complete waste of time for me, as does "find the original text" - what the hell for, anyway? all superstitious nonsense, I'm afraid :-(
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