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Originally Posted by PolyFiTri View Post
When the jealousy starts to hit I start to become insecure. I start to wonder what they may be discussing, and if that discussion could be about me and ending our relationship. All of that comes from a lot of the ups and downs we have had, which have been very difficult for all three of us to go through. I start to wonder if maybe this has just reached a point where it is to much for one or both of them and they don't want to put up with it any more. I know from their reassurance, and conversations, that they don't want to end our relationship.
Really it sounds like you trust them. All you can do is ask them to not discuss anything ABOUT you with each other without agreeing to cover the topic with you too, and trust that they will do so.

I also am going to suggest this book. If the Buddha Dated . When my life or relationships are stressed, I tend to start feeling insecure and worried 5-6 days after I haven't talked to, or seen, a partner, worrying that they think they're better off if they weren't dating me, etc etc. Opening this book almost anywhere and reading a bit often helps put things in perspective. I've shared it with a number of people and all of them seem to have found it helpful in some way.
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