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PN just sent me this link that is not Poly related but redpepper related.

Happy New year to those that follow along with that kinda thing.

Off to Derby's tonight for some jello shooter fun and frivolity. As if I need more gluttony. I am so ready to stop eating and drinking so much. Next week its back on the wagon or work and eating well. I am looking forward to that. I think it might take some time to curb my well established addiction to shortbread though. Baby steps. I saved some for those down fall moments so I can ease off gradually.

This month is full of busy times. As usual. I feel rested and ready to make a move. I had a great visit this season with my ex wife and we had some good moments while helping her figure out what is going on in her life. She wasn't very open about talking about her concerns though and it made me feel a bit sad that she held back. Still, she knows that I am here to talk to and to be close to and if she wants to open up more then she can. If not then that is fine too. I will always be here.

I think I need to bite the bullet and go and visit this spring. The nearest city is Vegas to her. It would be an adventure for me and I think she might need me to go. She hasn't said straight out, but I got a few hints that this is the last year of schooling for her and that she doesn't know where she will be after that.

I am missing my loves right now. I have been in the same house as them, well half of them, but really with Christmas business of guests and family around I haven't had any moments of closeness with anyone. not even myself. I need some me time, some PN time, some Mono time, some Derby time and some Leo time. LB time has been plentiful thankfully

Off to get the house clean, the groceries done and the partying started for the last night.... after that? Lock and load time on two shows, two workshops, dealing with work issues, and planning a women's retreat.... not to mention getting out in the garden to prepare for spring planting (daf's are up! if you can believe it of Jan 1st?!) and getting rid of bags of fall leaves.

Lots of date time to plan too
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