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Originally Posted by paintscribe View Post
nycindie -
I can't completely break off contact, as that would break up 2 gaming groups, and create many more problems.
Hmm, well, I don't know what a gaming group is, nor why it is that once you belong to one, you can never leave. Did you sign a contract in blood or something? Is keeping the group together more important than your sanity and health in a relationship? What if you moved somewhere else? They would find someone to take your place. So, really, how much does it matter for you to be a part of this gaming group for them to stay together? I think your priorities are mixed up. Gaming is a hobby; relationships are integral to life and your emotional health. But if you see gaming as that important, well, do as you see fit - but it doesn't make much sense to me. I would always choose to walk away from any activity or social situation if I had to in order to nurture my own emotional well-being. And being part of a relationship where you were under one impression about how things were, only to find out that everything was radically different from what you had thought, does not seem healthy to me.

I don't know. If your bf has been treating his wife with disrespect and inattention, and lavishing all the good stuff on you, I would be hesitant to be involved with him at all. I need to be with someone who can manage and balance all his relationships with love, respect, caring, and nurturing. I would never want to be the recipient of such lop-sided attention to the point where a spouse is set aside (just as much as I never want to be set aside to appease a spouse's insecurities).
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