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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
What exactly is your point?
My point, YGirl, is
Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
We must, each one of us, take the steps we can take RIGHT NOW to reduce our negative ecological impacts. And support one another in the effort to do so.
Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Getting all huffy because I pointed out A FLAW in part of the plan is more like giving ME the stink-eye, don't you think so? I didn't diss your cement house, low-flow plumbing or public transportation. So why are you so upset about me pointing out a fact about CFL bulbs? They DESERVE the stink-eye. You SHOULD be thanking me, for real, not sarcastically. That is all.
I'm not huffy or upset, Ygirl. I do find it interesting that you assume I am.

As for CFL's, you may have information I haven't been exposed to yet. I'll look into that. But let's assume for discussion's sake that you're 100% correct and use of CFL's should be stopped. I have the same opinion for them, in that case, that I have of using corn for ethanol, or any other flawed attempts to move us toward sustainability. At least they demonstrate recognition that there is a problem, and willingness to move toward a solution. It would be wonderful if we could foresee every possible consequence before we embark on any given course of action. Occasionally we can, but many times we have to make the best judgement we can with the information we have available to us at the time. And be willing to adjust and correct as better information becomes available.

But the success or failure of any one aspect of the move toward sustainability does not negate the need for, or the urgency of, the movement as a whole.

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