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Originally Posted by PickMoreDaisies View Post
. . . he is upset that I am feeling hurt and wants us all to be able to be friends again. I'm just not ready to move towards trying to be friends right now, and actually I am not usually friends with men. I'm not really ready to have the two of them hanging out without me again...but I assume that that will be the future.
This is all completely understandable and normal, in any relationship-poly or not.

Give yourself some time and space to heal. You're grieving the loss right now, which is good and healthy and real. Don't ry to rush through the grieving process, but don't live there forever either.

As for the future, never say never. There's something about this now-ex-bf that is interesting and attractive enough that you tried to make an ongoing relationship. It would be a shame to slam the door on a valuable friendship simply because the romance ended.
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