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Bastarding computers, that's what I say! =P

But hey, I hope all you guys have had a good time over christmas and enjoy this new year too. Even if you couldn't care less about them and feel they are just another day, such as I do. =]

So, these past couple/few days, I've been trying to play around with THREE computers. Or technically even FOUR!
The family computer, an old piece of junk, has been needing a good wipe for a while. It was slower than a grotty slug and probably deserves a better life in a dump. >.< But I decided to completely wipe it and install Ubuntu onto it. For those of you who aren't very computer literate, Ubuntu is an OS, much like Windows or Mac OS. It can actually work pretty damn well on old machines and has given new life to the family hunk of scrap metal.

Now, I WAS doing this, using my machine. My computer is a beast of a thing and can do pretty much anything short of intense calculations of the universe. But just a couple days ago, right before setting up the family's computer, my own had a damn glitch. So I was unable to do things so easily. Instead, I ended up tearing apart an even older machine for the hard drive and CD ROM. Ended up not even needing the hard drive though.

So after many hours of trying to hack this other computer to pieces, I managed to get the things out I needed and installed a fresh new Ubuntu onto the family machine. It has new life and speed I don't remember it having in years.

So playing around with this Ubuntu, I decided I wanted to really get more into it. So now I have set up my laptop to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Still wanted the Win7, so I could use some things only it can use.

Finally and most recently, at around a silly 7 in the morning my time, I decided it was probably time for bed, after so much playing around with new things. =P
So I came up to my room.
Saw that bits of my main beauty were still all over the place, so decided to put them back together and lock her all up. Turned her on once more, just to make sure and to my surprise, SHE'S WORKING AGAIN! Would have made earlier so much easier, but I'm just happy I don't have to splash out to get anything fixed. Especially as everything I need to do is on this machine. My music, my gaming, my film and photo editing programmes, my recording programmes. A lot of my hardware can only work on this machine too. It has all my files between my 3 [or 4] hard drives. Without it, I can honestly say, I feel very empty.

So hey, that's where I'm at and just felt today was one hell of an adventure for me. Would also love to thank the guys who gave me some advice, even though it wasn't needed in the end and even though it wasn't on this site, a couple of you are on here. =]

It really is bed time now. >.< Goodnight you lovely peoples. <3
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