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It's not date night with my boyfriend, though I assume if it was, we would have moved it to another night as he and his wife have some plans.
My husband and his girlfriend have parted ways earlier in the month, although she's married and the day would've been a date night with her husband anyway.
So it's me and my husband, probably testing out my Christmas present of a pasta maker for dinner, cuddling up and watching the ball drop on TV, or a zombie movie, leaning towards zombies
Feeling glad that since my ex and I married on New Year's Eve and we broke up after 12 years (with the next 5 NYE feeling awkward about this particular date on a calendar) I won't ever try to make it or anything AN IMPORTANT holiday for me, so if I'm ever alone for AN IMPORTANT holiday, I won't let it be a bad day, and just consider it like any other.
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