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Default Well... Here I am!

My husband and I have been very happily married and monogamous for 13 years before we decided to check out swinging. As a very secure couple it only stood to enhance our relationship and was a positive in our lives. We had been actively involved in this community when I met "Doc"... This man blew me away and we instantly had a connection that surpassed any other friendship I had. As a married girl tho I wasn't supposed to have feelings for anyone else and fought terribly with myself. Crazy thing is that my husband noticed things were evolving in this way and I must say continually kept the conversation going. I was given the security and freedom to explore this strange part of me with my husband. Talk about awkward in the beginning. "Doc" and I have been together now for a year and a half and he has certainly become a welcome addition to our family.

My husband and I have three children (21,18, and 8) they all know him as our friend and he is present at most family functions such as picnics, birthdays, and even sadly a couple funerals. He and my husband are very good friends. We are never physical with each other all together. Nor is he and I ever physical (save for the casual hug hello and goodbye) in public anywhere. Because of circumstances in his life this is the most it will ever be and I am really ok with this. I have never been happier and more content.

About a year ago I met another man we will call "cowboy" and have maintained a friendship with him. Texting and chatting occasionally via computer. He lives a bit more than an hour away so we are never in each others neighborhoods. Lol I was happily surprised by a visit from him just last week. Had an amazing evening. Lots and lots to talk about. And there was that connection again.

Brings me to why I am compelled to reach out on this site. He actually began a conversation with me about polyandry and how he could absolutely see himself in that type of relationship... With me. He would very much like to take this to the next level in a very public way.... My husband encouraged me to go out with him and commented about the dreamy glassy look in my eyes the following day. Upon revelation of the conversation my husband said it was something for me to really think about. Uhmmmmmm.....

So here I am thinking about it outloud with a bunch of people that share a certain understanding that, for some of us, the ability to fully love multiple people is not only possible but a vital part of our lives....
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