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Originally Posted by risingscarlet View Post
I'm glad you are feeling more relaxed and content with the situation, and hope all works out well for you and your partners. I'm hoping you keep us up to date on things too, because I'm exceedingly curious how this will turn out for you.

Take Care.
I am exceedingly curious too! :-)

Interestingly enough, after he revealed his long term goal / hope about having me back, I spent the day with her and she and I had a heart to heart about where some things went wrong, and about rebuilding our relationship. (No, she is not interested in resuming a triad. But as one poster here shared, his wife changed her mind about poly after 6 years, so her husband and I have a glimmer. LOL!) She and I connected in a way that we have not for a very long time. It was a great day!

They had sought marriage counseling (no poly friendly counselor on their insurance) and she revealed that naturally, he suggested they dump me from their lives. Instead, they both decided to dump him.

In any case, I feel there is a good chance that we will eventually have a very good, close relationship of some kind, even if we do not get back to the full triad. That is far better than the pain we have all been suffering.
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