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Default struggling as second girl

I am new here so forgive me if my post is inadequate. I will try to keep this concise but I do ramble. I am a 30 year old female and have been in a polyamorous relationship with a married couple for four years. They have been married for 13. The wife and I are best friends and I love the man like a husband. I live with them. The thing is I cannot helpbu feel like he loves her more and shows much favoritism. I need your perspective please. Although I am the only one with adegree in this hh they both treat me like I am not as intelligent as she and he constantly refers and deferrs to her for advice. When he.and I go out he calls herr nonstop and does not me. He pays more attention to her and when I get upset he says I'm too needy. She is very particular and her needs are attendedd to while I must go along for the ride. Both laugh at me often. In general he has more deference for heer and I feel like the goodtime girl. I get more sex I think and that's about it. Am I being unreasonable? What are your thoughts?
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