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CFL bulbs are the biggest environmental scam of the new millenium.

They use less electricity per lumen but the toxic waste (Mercury) more than offsets any benefit they purport to offer. If people are too lazy to put their plastic in a recycle bin, how do you expect them to save their CFL's and properly dispose of them?

Even ordinary BATTERIES are nasty; we've been dumping them into landfills for DECADES, showing no signs of letting up on their usage.

I am so "guilty" of buying into this myself; fortunately, where I work, we have a waste stream dedicated to lightbulbs and batteries and I SAVE mine and dispose of them that way. But this is not a mainstream thing. Ya think that folks who are struggling just to keep food on the table are gonna give two shits about mercury in the groundwater? I KNOW that not to be the case. Most people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and have NO CLUE where babies come from or how to prevent them. In fact, the most LIKELY "global transformation" would be one similar to what happened when the dinosaurs died off (except Humans = Dinosaurs).

Having said all that, I'll be one of the first to ride the Captain's Mystery Ship if it ever sails up to my San Francisco Bay.
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