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Greeting everybody..

I am excited to find such a forum as this! I have never had the pleasure of such a relationship, however, a MFF triad to me seems perfect. I tend to be emotionally detached after the NRE has passed. It is more of an intellectual gap above all. I used to think I just did not like people. I found out recently I just dislike 'ignorant' people. By ignorant, I mean people who chose not to learn at their full potential, yet act as if they know it all..

I guess my ideal situation would be myself and two woman that are more in love with each other and turn to me for man needs and a sense of security. In the bedroom I have above and beyond average passion and sensuality, but outside I am unavailable to a certain point. I love being in love, but I prefer to stay single for the sake of any woman that may fall in love and get hurt. I was married for 7 years and it broke her... I dont ever want to do that to another lover.

Does this make me sound selfish?

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