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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I always aired on the side of telling them right away. I always figure that someone will know they are interested in me in the first few moments of meeting and therefore they should also know the deal in those first few moments too.

I can't remember what I said to Mono, maybe he remembers, but I find it impossible not to talk about my husband and son as they are a huge part of my life. So I get it out of the way and then act like it's nothing unusual and totally normal, which it is to me anyways... acting like I am just me is the best I can do... often there are a lot of questions and I answer them in complete honesty and without taking on their judgment or jealousy, just stay humble.... "yup, I get to fuck three lovely men and thoroughly have my cake and eat it too lucky me."

I have the type of personality and character though that people seem to just accept and respect my openness and honesty. I am never shy, cautious or have any hesitation in telling people details about myself. Especially sexual details and fine print! I find it invigorating and a challenge... I think it is written all over my face in a cheeky self confident way
I absolutely LOVE that about you, Red! I'm working toward that goal myself.
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