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Thank you Annabel, we did/do indeed fear that loss/separation of or primary relationship at least a little (ok maybe a bit more than a little) but we don't fear someone loving us deeply as we do each other. It has occurred to us that love generally takes it's own course rather than any anticipated one.

We think/feel we will want to limit at least the initial depth of commitment mainly because its wise to be somewhat cautious entering into any interpersonal relationship whether the duration is fleeting or enduring. Again maybe a little too much caution...but then this is new territory to us.

We've only lightly touched on being open to a love that becomes that all encompassing, your suggestion that we release some control allowing the relationship to grow as it should is probably the best course after we have reached a reasonable level of security. We can imagine nothing better than to share more of the incredible love that we already have, that potential is what brought us here.

What it appears you're saying is simply that we could be denying ourselves and someone else what we cherish the most about our relationship and that makes a great deal of sense, we really don't want to limit ANY relationship with fear no matter how seemingly rational it might be! You've helped clear up the initial misunderstanding (knee jerk reaction) we had about Redpeppers description of the "moving away from each other" and the "becoming more autonomous from one another" what she was describing makes a great deal of sense now and it signals growth as much as it might distance. Whew...the learning curve is steep!!!

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