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Originally Posted by swmnkdinthervr View Post
Thanks again...we appreciate any advice!!! We were totally unaware that "lifestyle" would have that connotation! It seems odd though because to us and most of the swingers we know that is a permanent choice, "once you're a pickle you can't go back to being a cucumber again!" It must be a sort of cultural thing...maybe even regional, the Baltimore Poly group we just joined embraces all gender distinctions, alternative lifestyle choices and forms of poly fidelity? They in fact could be the aberration instead of the norm we suppose!
Most poly groups do. But a lot of poly people associate "lifestyle" with swinging. Some poly people would not want to be associated with swinging so therefore might take issue with someone discussing poly as the "lifestyle." Doesn't mean swinging is frowned upon necessarily by all, just that its confusing for some and found as being inaccurate as poly is about loving relationships and swinging is about sport sex.
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