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Originally Posted by River View Post
The best guage of generalized "spiritual" growth on our planet, I think, is how appropriately responsive we are to the global ecological crisis, including global warming. So, at present, we're not earning As or Bs. We're getting a D- at best, but an honest grade would be an F.

If you think the worst part of global warming / climate change will be sea level rise, I'm afraid you're missing the worst of it by far: climate zone shifting ... and positive feedback loops which, together, could extinguish most of the species on the planet, including, of course, our own.

All of this can be addressed -- but we're not doing it. Not by a long shot. And the governments can't lead the way, and won't. It is we, the people of the planet and not our governments, who prefer to pretend that business as usual can go on. Who refuse to transform our lives so that we can live in balance with nature. How "spiritually enlightened" is that?
Amen to that, River! We must, each one of us, take the steps we can take RIGHT NOW to reduce our negative ecological impacts. And support one another in the effort to do so.

Fidelio and I started years ago, and have made some significant strides. We built and live in an ICF (insulated concrete form) house, which is VERY energy efficient (also very quiet and a highly defensible position). We use rainwater harvesting exclusively to supply our household water needs. As a result, we have the highest quality water and are very aware of how to conserve it. What landscaping we've done is xeriscaping (native and adapted plants that require little or no help from us, once established.).

Granted, not everyone is in a position to build a house with ecology and conservation in mind. But everyone can do something starting right where they are. CFL lightbulbs. Low flow plumbing fixtures. Public transportation. Unplug stuff you aren't using. It's not that hard, and everyone can do something.

One big challenge, maybe the biggest, we faced when we were designing and building the house was resistance and even ridicule from our friends and family, and the community at large. We caught SO MUCH flak from our nearest and dearest, trying to save us from ourselves as we pursued this goal. Of course, now that we've been doing it all this time, and they can see that it all fits together and works, they've quit giving us a hard time. Seeing how little we spend each month on energy and utilities, some have even come around and started making some changes in the ways they do things. Or at least considering the possibilities. But it was so discouraging, to me at least, to be trying to do the right thing for the right reason and be met with such consistent pessimism and resistance. I love Imaginary Illusion's signature line: “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

It can be done. It must be done. Let's get it done! At the very least, let's stop giving the stink-eye to those who are doing it.
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