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Yeah, I originally began as dating both of them. It faded into just him, with her calling me girlfriend.

Things were great for about a month, then jealousy blew things up. They've worked on alot of stuff. He has a medical condition which makes some resolutions difficult. I'm not sure how much that was used as an excuse. It had seemed like they had been just working through things and have had a few rough patches. She lost her job this summer, but has been employed for the last 3 months.
I thought they were doing much better than this..... I kinda felt blind-sided.

They originally had an open relationship because she insisted on it. I hung out with them as friends until I realized I was in love and wanted to be part of their family. I asked her first, since I figured she would be the one who might say no. She was thrilled with it, and gave me my first girl kiss.
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