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The best guage of generalized "spiritual" growth on our planet, I think, is how appropriately responsive we are to the global ecological crisis, including global warming. So, at present, we're not earning As or Bs. We're getting a D- at best, but an honest grade would be an F.

If you think the worst part of global warming / climate change will be sea level rise, I'm afraid you're missing the worst of it by far: climate zone shifting ... and positive feedback loops which, together, could extinguish most of the species on the planet, including, of course, our own.

All of this can be addressed -- but we're not doing it. Not by a long shot. And the governments can't lead the way, and won't. It is we, the people of the planet and not our governments, who prefer to pretend that business as usual can go on. Who refuse to transform our lives so that we can live in balance with nature. How "spiritually enlightened" is that?
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