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Default Thanks NovemberRain!

Hi, thanks for reading and offering your advice He teaches martial arts so he actually pays for nearly all of his bills and had loans for school. His parents just co-sign. I mean, yeah he eats and sleeps there, but pays for his cell, car insurance and credit card bills. Unfortunately, his chemical engineering major isn't easy and his parents are already worried about him not studying enough and worry he'll party (which he hasn't done since high school.) So the paranoia is up and the trust and independence he wants is down. The only thing that further honesty will result in is them fighting to keep him home and away from me even though he is an adult. Time will probably help, I agree. But I am not gonna start seeing someone I love for a year so his parents can "warm up to the idea", you know? There has to be a middle ground! What do you think?
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