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Wow, I loved all your gifts to each other. Even though gifts don't score high in the love language test for me, I really love getting people something they like. It must have been particularly great seeing Fionas reaction over the tickets. Also, here's something for you to concentrate on next time the freaking out about 'where this is going' starts:
Originally Posted by km34 View Post
From Fiona to me: a handmade bracelet - She made me a really pretty pink bracelet with a heart clasp. It is really cute, and I love that she made it (she has never made any jewelry before, she just thought I'd like it so she did it).
Doesn't sound like she's too uncertain about being with you and her feelings towards you. Maybe having a reminder on your wrist can be a physical reminder about all of it, all the concrete things through which she shows her love for you every time you're together, and you can use it to stop the insecurities. Not because a symbol alone is enough, but because it can remind you of all you do have together..
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