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Sounds like you are starting from a really good place. I wish you well, as long as you stay open to what happens and the changes that come with that you should be fine. Poly seems to move people away from each other yet still includes more love than ever. Most change comes in becoming less co-dependant and more autonomous from one another. If you can do that and still be happy and healthy, still feel love is abundant and ever increasing you should be fine.

My only other recommendation would be not to use the term "lifestyle" when referring to poly as it can be a trigger for some poly people who are not on the spectrum end of poly where swingers lye. It could make or break a situation that could be successful in terms of a relationship. Its common to be in poly as a lifestyle rather than an orientation (such as gay for example), but poly people generally think of "lifestyle" as swinging and therefore that they are not worthy of any investment because its temporary. Does that make sense? Something to think about anyway.
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