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Post Hello from Florida

Hi Everyone,

I joined this board on behalf of my husband and myself. We have been married for 10 years, known each other going on 20 years. We are best friends, and amazingly we have dodged some very tough times in our marriage. A marriage takes a lot of love, but I firmly believe that when you are so angry/hurt that you would walk away from romantic love, a loving friendship can keep you ready to fight for a solution. That is what has happened in our marriage. Our friendship saved us.

So, what are we doing here? We have, over the course of several years, discovered that we are both open to the idea of more love. We embrace the idea of love expanding as you add more people, instead of a finite amount that must be divided. The sexual aspects are (believe it or not) the easiest to sort out. He and I are not always compatible in our desires. Sometimes yes, but sometimes there are other needs we want filled. For example, I am attracted to women. My experiences with women are very limited, but I can hardly explore that part of my desires with my DH.

The other aspects of a poly relationship appeal just as much as the sexual, but we have yet to apply any actual experience to those thoughts.

So, here we are. Ready to learn more and connect with others who do not think we are sex-crazed freaks or immoral heathens.

Perhaps I should have included more "stats" in this intro, but I'm sure there will be opportunities to share our favorite foods and pet peeves.

We look forward to getting to know others in the forum.
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