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Default Pennsylvania Couple Has Polyamorous Epiphany

So I may have been looking for a creative title :-) It is true though.

My husband and I have been trying for years to define as best we could how we feel about relationships with others. We weren't ones to have a bunch of acquaintances / casual friends and could never figure out why. We knew we weren't into swinging since we can't get into physical relationships if there isn't a mental connection (especially in one night!).

I spent some time with another woman but she wasn't into a relationship with someone who was married to a guy. So that wasn't the answer either.

After pinging the internet for months on end - we came across the term polyamory. And there it was - what we were looking for. The kind of relationship with someone that goes much deeper than the causal date and is much more than just intimacy.

So - any other PA people on here that know of this "polyamory" thing

I would love to eventually find a female companion with whom I can share my experiences in this life with.

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