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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Everything I've heard points towards Herpes being not that big of a deal as long as you're careful UNLESS you are a woman who wants to have kids. Having an outbreak while pregnant/giving birth can cause issues (although they are usually VERY prepared for what can happen).
Or, you have any type of cancer, immuno-supression, other health issues. Or, if you receive herpes on a 'non-genital' area. Like thighs, tummy, etc, where viral sheddng can occur. Some people have very painful outbreaks. I know someone who experiences very severe outbreaks when he is stressed. It is very painful for him. My heart goes out to him when I see the anguish it causes him. It is worsening as he gets older.

I know quite a few people with herpes, and most do get by with very few issues, and are careful with their partners. Not everyone, though.

What needs to be 'killed' is the stigma attached to herpes, or people dealing with herpes. Not the reality of what can happen. If you love someone and want to be intimate, be honest, and have as many safety precautions in place as you can. Ask the tough questions. Be prepared to deal with the hard answers.

Just go into it, knowledgeable and accepting you might not win the long-straw on 'easy' outbreaks.

..and back to your regularly scheduled comforting.
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