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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
I kept getting the feeling that she felt her husband didn't have enough love for both of us,
That you think she feels this way tells me that she may just not be able to emotionally handle the relationship. Love is not finite, and as long as she feels it is she is going to take issue with her husband's dividing his attentions.

Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
She also finally sanctioned the friendship between he and I. Since I left, she had continued to try to dismantle even the basic friendship between he and I... she realized that cutting me out of their lives entirely would actually not fix a damn thing. And then she admitted that she was not ready to give me up.
This reminds me so much of my former quad. My girlfriend would alternately extend and retract her 'permission' for the relationship between my boyfriend and I, and she would 'break up with' and then reunite with me repeatedly. It tore our hearts to shreds. Reading this just made me sad.

Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
My friend's husband, revealed that he will have me back one way or another (and he hopes it is with his wife in agreement). However, he realizes if their specific issues cannot be remedied, then it may be without her as well. That said, he wants to give her a chance to grow.
I'm sorry but it sounds to me that he is choosing to leave you hanging because he doesn't want to let either of you go. Consider if that's something you're willing to accept.

Good luck to you. Happy Birthday.
"Owning your feelings is basic to understanding the boundaries of where you end and the next person begins and the perfect first step toward self-acceptance and self-love." The Ethical Slut pg 69, Dossie Easton and Janet W Hardy

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