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Some of the language you use in your post concerns me. "bringing in" is often used by people new to poly just as "triad" is. I don't have any other way of relating what that looks like other than saying that you are not purchasing a puppy, no one is "brought in" to a relationship, it morphs into something entirely new. It is impossible to MAKE someone love you as much as someone else. Sometimes its best to be happy they are willing to talk to you.

It seems to me that you have a long way to go in understanding the difference between having an "open relationship" where partners go and have sex with others and having partners. There is a ton for the two of you to read about that would help. Try doing a search for "triad" here to start. There is a lot of others that have come through this forum that have started out the same way you have. Perhaps you would be willing to even share how it all transforms for you? I suspect it will transform for you, as it has many others, and it would be great to hear how that goes. Good luck.
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