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So... On an unrelated note, I have come up with the new names for people! Obviously, my husband Keith will remain Keith. M will now become Mario, named after Super Mario Bros since we always talk about making a porn based on it (don't ask lol). F will now be Fiona because we watched all of the Shrek movies not too long ago and it's the only other F name I can think of. Yay!

Anyway, we did our Christmas gift exchange last night... We were supposed to do it on Tuesday, but Mario was sick, so we postponed. Here is a run down on what we got each other and the reactions:

From me to Mario: Nina Hartley's Guide to Double Penetration - he flippin' loved it! We talked about DP not too long ago, we watched something with Nina Hartley in it not too long ago, AND he has this weird little man crush on Evan Stone who also happens to be in this. My guess is this will be watched VERY soon (like next time we are over there).

From Keith to Mario: Ghost in the Shell on Blu Ray - Also LOVED. They had fought over this movie when we all went to a Borders that was closing so Mario was excited to finally get it. Keith and I are getting rid of all of our movies, and he didn't think it was right to not let Mario have it.

From Keith and me to Mario: a Lord of the Rings pez set. We have been talking about having a LOTR marathon for MONTHS so maybe this will get us to actually make it happen. Mario also thought this was fantastic and is going to see if he can find another one so that he can open the one we got and keep one for a souvenir. lol

From Fiona and Mario to me: 2 'Mammoth Books of...' one is Vampire erotica and one is paranormal erotica. I thought it was great, because this is what she likes to read and I always kind of make fun of her, so hopefully I will like it so we have something else in common.

From Fiona to me: a handmade bracelet - She made me a really pretty pink bracelet with a heart clasp. It is really cute, and I love that she made it (she has never made any jewelry before, she just thought I'd like it so she did it).

From Fiona and Mario to Keith: A crop and a book on BDSM - the book actually has a rubber-like cover which is cool. He loved it.. He sat there reading it the rest of the evening while the rest of us watched tv/talked.

From me to Fiona: Tickets to go see 'Debbie Does Dallas' the stage version - OMG... She SQUEALED. Literally. There was jumping up and down and giggling and all around excitement. I mean, I knew she'd love it, but the reaction was amazing. She and I are going later in January for dinner and the show.

From Keith and me to Fiona: The first 2 seasons of Diary of a Call Girl - once again, vast excitement. Apparently she's always wanted to watch the show. lol

So, it was a great night. I was feeling kinda sick (mild version of what Mario had - that's what I get for helping take care of him) so we didn't stay late. Everyone is super excited about New Year's though, and I think it's sweet that Mario still insists that my family is a necessary part of his life now. lol Fiona is excited to get to meet more of my cousins and such that she hears me talk about/sees on FB. I am excited because Fiona and I get to share a bed again. I'm not sure why, but she is the only person I've ever slept with that I actually cuddle with once I'm asleep. I do wish I could be more of a cuddler... Keith doesn't cuddle either, though, so we sleep well together.
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