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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I know what it means, dear. "Sleeping with" someone has nothing to do with fucking them "on a regular basis" It just is a euphemism for having sex whether just once or regularly. I was pointing out that you were taking issue with his use of language while you yourself were using a silly and inaccurate euphemism instead of coming right out and saying what it meant. Sheesh.
I wasn't trying to "take issue" with his use of language, just he said that English wasn't his first language so I wanted to make sure that he meant seeing as in "catching sight of" rather than "sleeping with/fucking/having sex with" since that's important to his story. I have no problem with him using "seeing" instead of "fucking" or any other word he cares to use, I was merely seeking clairification. If you'll notice, I then offered two thoughts, one based on the literal meaning of seeing, the other based on the slang, since I didn't know which one he meant. He then confirmed he meant looking or catching sight of.

Because it was just clarification for me, I totally didn't realise you were calling me out on using a euphamism. Two communication errors on my part

As an aside, where I'm from the phrase "sleeping with" DOES imply an ongoing arrangement rather than a one-time deal, just one of those things I guess.
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