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Originally Posted by BigGuy View Post
I am in a position where my marriage may need to become an LDR for some length of time (3-5 years). Kids' ages at home age range from 17 to 12.

I am a big believer in family/communal meals. If it does come to pass, I'm considering setting it up to make it as easy as I am practically able, to skype from the dining area. The thought is to coordinate meals so that we'd be eating and skyping at the same time.

Does anybody have experience skyping during a meal? Is it practical, or does the eating get too distracting? Is it too artificial?
I don't know about the kids since neither of us have them, but me and rory regularly eat when we skype. Usually it's just because our skype sessions are so long that we get hungry during them so we have to eat if we want to continue talking. But I do think it's nice to do that. It makes me feel like we're sharing our everyday life more. So I think your idea sounds good. It may feel a bit silly in the beginning but before you know it starts to feel natural.
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