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Default One door closes, one door opens...

so, he came and recited some obviously, carefully rehearsed lines that involved a lot of bullshit. But the truth that I got out of it was that he really just doesn't give a shit, doesn't want any responsibility, doesn't want to grow up, and he feels it is cruel to lead me on to believe otherwise. Dave and I listened to him and then we both agreed that if he changed his mind we would be here for him. but he wont - he likes living month to month not knowing if he'll have a job, and earning enough to pay his rent and get high. He has so many people enabling him that he functions somehow. Our triad is broken. Strangely enough, Dave met a lovely woman and she's coming to spend the weekend with us. I'm a freakin mess but I appreciate the distraction. Sigh...I wish there was a pill to heal the heartache.
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