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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
I am not interested in any advice from anyone calling themselves christian , i'm afraid, and I think she knows it. They have shown themselves to me, to be willing to completely override my family's well being, and be puppets for the good of the pastor.
Not all Christian's are like those from your wife's church. Unfortunately, it's those like at your wife's church that have me not wanting to identify as Christian either. Your anger is understandable and is very like my brother's against the "church" in general (he had other issues). He blames the church for the destruction of his marriage and I won't argue that it likely played a significant part.

My wife is a geologist, and she recently came around to the idea of evolution , and yes, human evolution. In fact, we sat together and went through the slides (100 of them) from a human evolution course I attended, and she was reasonably interested. The topic of creation, Adam and Eve, and the Ark never came up. She read the slides and even commented to help me understand some of the terms.
Never have been able to understand the arguement against evolution. To me science doesn't prove God doesn't exist or isn't the creator, just proves the bible isn't this magically "divine" thing. It was writen by men and encompases all man's narrow minded finite views of life. To me to say evolution is impossible puts human limits on what God can do. Just compare Genesis 1 vs Genesis 2.

So I'm kind of hoping she is thinking "Ok, the church was wrong about the finances, they are wrong on the creation, Noahs ark, and Adam and Eve. I wonder what else they are lying about?"
Don't get me started.

I dont want to run her down too much, she is a people pleaser, she loves people, (its one of the things I love about her) as I do, but she takes everything everyone says as honest, whereas I am sceptical most of the time.
Don't try and poke holes in her basic faith in God, but in the churches interpretation of what God says, wants or is. Attacking HER faith will only keep the walls up and the fighting gloves on, instead encourage her to do her own research with sources outside her church/denomination.
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