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Thanks for all that.

I am not interested in any advice from anyone calling themselves christian , i'm afraid, and I think she knows it. They have shown themselves to me, to be willing to completely override my family's well being, and be puppets for the good of the pastor.

There is a glimmer of hope.
My wife is a geologist, and she recently came around to the idea of evolution , and yes, human evolution. In fact, we sat together and went through the slides (100 of them) from a human evolution course I attended, and she was reasonably interested. The topic of creation, Adam and Eve, and the Ark never came up. She read the slides and even commented to help me understand some of the terms.

So I'm kind of hoping she is thinking "Ok, the church was wrong about the finances, they are wrong on the creation, Noahs ark, and Adam and Eve. I wonder what else they are lying about?"

Its a long shot, I know, but I hope this might just be the start of her coming around.

I dont want to run her down too much, she is a people pleaser, she loves people, (its one of the things I love about her) as I do, but she takes everything everyone says as honest, whereas I am sceptical most of the time.

So I live in hope, and I am waiting, waiting, waiting.... all the time I distance myself more and more from the church. Thank goodness she doesnt insist on my boy attending. He is 7 now, and every Sunday we give him the choice - "Would you like to go to kid's church with mom, or stay home with Daddy", and he almost always chooses to stay with me.

I have a lil sailboat, and in Winter (now), the club only opens Sunday, so my sailing has taken a back seat (He is too small for Sailing). But I dont care, I stay home with him - I dont want him NEAR the place !
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