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No, I don't mind, in fact it helps reading this. So many similarities again. We didn't move during my studies, but I was hospitalized two times and have lost a semester each time I needed treatment there. Therefore I am a bit behind as well. And I was too comfortable just studying what I was interested in, this consumed quite some time as well. Your “I really need to finish somewhere” makes perfectly sense to me.

And you are right, we won't lose our flat or the be totally out of money along the way, but that will set us back more than one step. It's nothing compared to your fear of moving again, I don't want to think about the impact such an outlook would have on my sleeping habits … if I look at our situation from that perspective, the extension of our two person household with a third already had some positive effects money-wise. Maybe I would be more stressed with just Sward and me around.

Thanks for heartening me, it helped
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