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Still I continue to think about that, the boundaries. On second thought, I think I do know where Alec's boundaries lie around this, since they are not much different than they've ever been. If I did have a third partner, he'd likely struggle with same things that he works with now, except that it would all be more intense since more people would be involved - mostly, the impact of the new relationship on time he has with me and it's potential effect on future plans. These wouldn't be an issue with a love-partner regardless of love or sex, since I will want to spend time with somebody I'm close with even if it's platonic; and one of the differences between a life-partner and a love-partner (as I would define the terms to suit the conceptual difference I see) is the consideration they are given in life decisions. Though I might draw that line simply between a partner and a friend and there would be the dividing line; thus making this post and the previous one somewhat pointless? Well, whatever, enjoy my not-massively-important-nor-relevant-to-anything-at-the-moment-ponderings.
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