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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
He told me, that even if I am not a materialist, money still makes me feel secure. I don't need fancy things but I need the knowledge of having the basic needs met in the long run.
Well, I consider myself very non-materialistic, but I don't function well without basic financial security. I don't care if I don't have stuff, but I need to know I'll have a roof and food, and it is strange to think of a person who wouldn't need that.

I was extremely stressed out about money for the whole of last year when we had moved here and Alec couldn't get work. Luckily he's now got a job but it barely covers our living expences and my student allowance will run out soon, two years before I graduate. And I know I am not able to work while studying, I have tried before and my studies suffered way too much. So, I still have a lot of stress, and there isn't much I can do about any of the situational factors in play.

But I do have a technique that has been helpful in the past: I imagine the worst-case-scenario, and what I would do if that happened. You have a relatively good welfare state in Germany, right? So your worst financial fears come true: neither Lin or Sward will be able to work, say, for the whole of next year. What will happen? Whether it is because of physical restrictions, or non-availability of work, or both, I'm betting there's some income you do get your way. Probably not quite enough to live as usual, but likely enough to keep a roof over your head, do you think?

I know this kind of thinking used to help me quite a bit back in Home Country, since I always concluded that even if the worst comes to happen (which, in itself is quite unlikely) we will have the basics and survive. Doesn't help so much in the country I live in now, since the benefits here aren't something that can be relied on; thus, our second to worst-case-scenario is that Alec will move back to Home Country to work trying to support both of our living, and the worst-case-scenario is that I'll have to move back, too, before graduating. And particularly the last one scares the living crap out of me, since I've been a student for way too many years (changed universities twice, on the first time switching subject, on the second time country), and I really need to finish somewhere.

Sorry to flood your journal with my stress, as if you don't have enough of your own...
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