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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Some reason for the jackassery? I pointed out that a widely spread meme is all sorts of wrong because it obviously isn't accurate and sucks as a generalization. I never said others couldn't have a different experience.

Why take a shot at me via the strawman?
I think Hyper poking a little fun isn't entirely out of line. He posited an idea -- that for him, right now, thinking too much about finding a relationship might not be the best way to go (seems reasonable to me). "The game", which he was using as an analogy, isn't about dating at all, its a silly thought experiment like "try not to think of white elephants". He never tried to say this was the one true way for everyone, just that it might be a better way to go for him. You called it nonsense and hokum. So, who's being harsh?
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