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I can see how it seems that I'm planning the future with him too much, and I really am going to try to cut out all of that. Despite that though, most of the "planning" in regards to me possibly building a house with them years down the track has been between Anne and Bob. The first mention of this came up when I asked Bob once "where do you see us headed" as a fairly general question when we had been talking about my plans to buy an apartment alone and what areas might be good for real estate prices, and then he came back a few days later with a few hazy suggested plans for what he'd like to see happen with regards to us all living together that he and Anne had come up with. Every so often there'd be a little mention of "Anne would really like x in the house when we all live together" and that would be that. I've never even mentioned it around her because for me it's way too early to consider this as anything other than a possibility, and certainly there are no proper plans either side as to the practicalities of it.

To be fair, I have no idea if Bob is talking about this a lot with her and making it seem like we're all running off and planning to do this next week, but I can't be in the room with him all the time :P
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