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Originally Posted by JnR View Post
Hmmmm... If I were Anne, I might see some red flags in your thoughts and behavior toward Bob and your relationship. It sounds like you have your mind made up about all it all should go and how your future looks with this man, but you resent the hell out of his wife. Not good! In the throes of NRE, my husband's ex partner would plan out the future with him, with no thought to include me or ask my opinion about how I felt about 'their' plans. It doesn't set well and I don't think it would sit well with you if the tables were turned. I think you need to lay off the long term planning with Bob, relax (its only been 6 mos) and stop trying to push an agenda. Just enjoy getting to know him and enjoy your time together. Women are very intuitive, so I think his wife may let down her guard if she wasn't getting the vibe from you that you are trying to move in and re-arrange her life in such a short period of time... my opinion only, of course
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