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Originally Posted by Linaeve View Post
'well, we bring another girl into our family, how will we deal with her wanting a child? Or if we bring in another guy and he wants a child with you?'.
This subject was discussed some in my former quad but we never got to the point where it was truly an option on the table. I think before bringing a child into the world every adult in the family should be comfortable with and committed to the idea.

The question I have is - what specifically about the idea of new babies in the family bothers him? Is it that he doesn't want more children? Or is it that he only wants children if you and he are the biological parents of the child? Or something else?

If you and he don't want to have children outside your marriage you should make sure partners know that as soon as the relationship moves in a direction that might suggest such a future event. Just like any other limits and boundaries you may have you should consider that your partners may choose to not accept that condition on the relationship and instead choose to end the relationship.

Good luck to you and your husband as you delve into your poly relationship and Blessed Be.
"Owning your feelings is basic to understanding the boundaries of where you end and the next person begins and the perfect first step toward self-acceptance and self-love." The Ethical Slut pg 69, Dossie Easton and Janet W Hardy

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